October 3, 2017

Social Media Marketing Strategy: Statistics Every Business Needs to Know

Social Media Statistics in the USA

Where your customers are, you should be too. Social media is no exception. Building a social media marketing strategy starts with determining which channels your business should be on. Your business doesn’t have the resources to be everywhere and do everything. It’s much better to build a social media marketing strategy that encompasses quality over quantity. Building a strategic, creative, informative social media marketing strategy on one network, provided it’s the right network for your business, is better than having multiple mediocre social media marketing strategies on different social networks.

The following data can help your business determine which social network to build a social media marketing strategy on, provided that you know who your customers are. I suggest creating marketing personas to have the data to represent who your target segment of customer is so that there is no guesswork involved in determining who your customers are. Without further ado, social media marketing strategy statistics through 2016:


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Social Media Marketing Strategy Statistics


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  1. Pew Research Center, 2016
  2. Hubspot, 2017
  3. Sprout Social, 2015
  4. Shopify, 2015
  5. LinkedIn, 2016
  6. Hootsuite, 2016
  7. American Press Institute, 2015

The above data can help any business in the United States looking to build a social media marketing strategy. It’s vital to use your business’ data to make important decisions in how to reach your customers and potential customers, and to track the success of your social media marketing efforts. I’ll be doing a breakdown of each of the social networks’ data from above in later posts.

Key Questions: 

  1. Is your business acting strategically with your social media strategy?
  2. Have you used your customer data to determine which channel(s) to build strategies in?
  3. How do you gauge success in social media?
  4. What are some things that need to happen to make your social media strategy successful?

I’d love to hear your feedback! Comment below.


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