March 10, 2018

How Online Reputation Management Services Can Help Your Business.

Online Reputation Management Services

How Online Reputation Management Services Can Help Your Business.

Your business’ reputation is one of the most important factors of your success for keeping current customers and getting new customers. We, as consumers, are more influenced by others decisions than we realize (or admit). This is where social proof can be such a powerful tool for brands. describes social proof as:

A psychological phenomenon in which people follow the actions of others in an effort to reflect what is considered correct behavior for any given situation — including online experiences. Simply put, social proof influences people’s decisions on how they should behave.

Now that we understand what social proof is, let’s review 5 ways how online reputation management services can help your business:

#1: Increases Trust Between your Business and your Customers

Trust is so vital for timid customers making a comparison between your product or service and another company’s product or service. According to BrightLocal, “88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” Understanding this statistic is so vital to your business’ success. Think about the last time you made an online purchase from a company you did not know. Because their brand was new to you, trust had not yet been established. Online reputation management services can help your business increase positive reviews from your previous customers, creating instant trust that can increase your business’ bottom line.

#2: Increases Off-Page SEO

Having strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site is one of the most important strategies you can incorporate for your business. Google’s local search algorithm incorporates data from a number of third-party directories and review sites. The more positive reviews you have on review sites (including Google), the more Google is likely to rank your business in the local top 3 (typically, Google will place 3 local businesses above search results). Being in Google’s top 3 local business search can be huge for customers finding your products and services.

#3: Increases Your Bottom Line

According to YouGov, “78 percent of consumers in the United States read reviews before making a purchase decision.” Online reputation management services can help you increase your bottom line by building quality reviews from your actual customers. This will urge customers in the research phase lean towards making a decision in your favor.

#4: Monitors Your Online Reputation

Many times, there are potentially negative conversations (hopefully positive ones!) happening unbeknownst to you. Online reputation management services monitor your brand to make sure that mentions of your brand are picked up to protect your reputation. For larger brands (and occasionally smaller brands), major events can occur that can impact your bottom line. Crisis management is an important aspect for your business, no matter how small the crisis is.

#5: Responds to Negative Comments

Being able to quickly learn about and respond to negative comments about your brand across the web is one of most important benefits of having online reputation management services. So many brands neglect responding to negative reviews, one of the biggest mistakes a brand can make in managing your brand’s reputation. Most large brands know that their reputation is of the utmost importance in staying competitive. If you don’t believe me, complain on a major brand’s social media site about an experience you had and they will be running to you to rectify the situation. Small and medium sized companies need to have the same urgency with their brands.


How is your online reputation? Our Online Reputation Management Services:

  1. Monitors your company mentions across the web and on social media
  2. Increases 5 star reviews for your company across important review websites from your actual customers
  3. Monitors your business’ citations and adds new citations (business addresses across the web, important for local SEO!)
  4. Allows you to get private feedback from your customers for real customer data
  5. Provides you with a monthly report showing your brand’s happenings each month

We’d be more than happy to discuss ways we can improve your brand’s online reputation.



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