June 12, 2018

6 Things to do Before Running an Internet Marketing Campaign


6 Things to do Before Running an Internet Marketing Campaign

We talk to many small business owners who get excited about the prospect of reaching new customers with an internet marketing campaign (who wouldn’t be excited!). They get so excited that they start emailing, texting, posting, and tweeting to their potential customers without laying the proper foundation to their internet marketing campaign. While there are many different types of internet marketing campaigns companies can launch, every campaign should have these 6 things done before starting:

#1. Define Your Target Audience

Starting out your internet marketing campaign, it’s vital to know exactly who you’re trying to reach. The best way to know who you’re audience is is through quantitative data. You can get this by creating marketing personas. If you don’t have this data lying around, analyze who your current customers are. There are 4 main ways to segment your customers including: Geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation, behavioral segmentation. You can download our free buyer persona template.

#2. Find Out Where They Live

We’re not referring to writing down a list of their addresses (unless of course, you’re doing a mail campaign!), we are talking about where your target audience spends their time. Don’t assume that you know where your customers are, look at the data! For social media, you should look at which platform your target customers spend their time. Here are some social media statistics you should check out that can help show you where to be.

#3. Create an Offer that they can’t Refuse

Now that you’ve defined your target audience and found out where they are, you need to create an offer that they can’t refuse. What makes your potential customers tick? What do they want? How much are they willing to pay?

You also need to think about the competition. How can you differentiate your products from your competitors so that your target audience wants to purchase your products/services?

#4. Build out your Content

An internet marketing campaign can require a great amount of content. Whether you’re creating an email marketing campaign, social media campaign, advertising campaign, SEO campaign, or all of the above, content is king. It’s important to not procrastinate on building out your content, but to rather have a content calendar that clearly defines the dates, content being released, and goals at a minimum. Also, an area for a tracking link (more on this on #5) is important so that you can track each portion of your campaign to success.

#5. Set up Tracking Analytics

One of the most vital pieces of any campaign is the ability to show attribution. This means, the ability to show where the success came from. This seems pretty basic knowledge, but many businesses I have talked to or consulted have neglected this area of their internet marketing campaign. It’s important to have your Google Analytics account set up properly so that you can create Google URL links to track each aspect of your campaign. This is a great free tool Google offers that can help you show attribution. For example, if you create an email marketing campaign from a list that you acquired, you can define a campaign name, medium, source, and more to see a vast number of key informational pieces in Analytics. A pro tip is to build landing pages with Google Analytics “Goals” implemented so that you can combine these with your Google tracking links to see lead attribution.

#6. Test, Test, Test

Now that you have all 5 of these internet marketing strategies set up, it’s important to test before you go live. Make sure your links are working, your landing pages are functioning properly, and your analytics tracking is functioning optimally.

In conclusion, setting up your internet marketing campaign foundation is crucial to success. Use these 6 tips to help your internet marketing campaigns succeed.


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